Like so many others, we are writing to you today in response to COVID-19. While we have little experience in dealing with contagious diseases, we do have many years or ‘Centuries’ of experience working with the wildest card in the deck: Mother Nature. While she is beautiful, she can be cruel, unpredictable and unconcerned for what’s in her path. Today, and every day before, we here at Miller’s Organic Farm put all we have into the land, the animals and give back to you, our dear member, who seek nourishment like never before.
We’ve learned to thrive in the most extreme conditions, and learned throughout the many years of operation to never give up. Over the last 2 decades, we’ve seen extremes in the form of storms, tornadoes, floods, droughts, challenges with the government, and ups-and-downs in the economy. We certainly have never experienced anything like this.
While no one was expecting or have ever dealt with COVID-19, we want you to know we are not giving up. The grocery store shelves may temporarily be empty, but our to-do lists are full. We are focused on replenishing our inventory, and we will not let you down. We are committed to feeding our community of members, who have supported us and our journey to regenerative agriculture.
We are sure you’ve heard “wash your hands” more than you ever needed to, so instead of sounding repetitive, encouraging social distancing and general decent hygiene, we want to let you know what we are doing here on the farm.
  1. We are working around the clock to keep inventory in our store and orders shipping from our farm as quickly as possible. We hope you’ll remain patient with us in this process. It has our undivided attention. If we are out of a product, we aim to be quickly restocked, unless the item is seasonal.
  2. We are actively engaging with other surrounding Amish farms – who share our stringent traditional farming philosophy – to supply us with nourishing foods to fill gaps and prevent shortages.
  3. Try to cut your food waste. This is important with regard to maximizing your purchases. Learn how to cook and get connected with your food. We believe that the Weston A. Price Foundation is the best resource for learning.


  • Due to the increase in online orders we are seeing through our website, your order could take up to 2 days to ship.
  • Please know that when your order is shipped, you will receive a respective tracking number by email.
  • Please be patient and wait for your tracking number. The sheer number of phone calls we are receiving to check on the status of orders or any other inquiries is slowing us down. We have a wealth of information listed under the ‘About Us‘ page and the foods we grow for you, our dear member.
  • Send us an email to, instead of calling.
  • During this time we cannot guarantee changes to orders. Please try to place your order as precise as you can. Double check the items you ordered, make sure the shipping address and credit card info is correct. Use the comment section at the checkout to instruct the farmer or for substitutions in case an item becomes OUT OF STOCK. This will ensure everyone’s packages are shipped in the order they were received with no further delay.
  • Please bookmark and check this page regularly for updates as the situation continues to progress.
We are all in this together. Our passion is to grow nutrient dense foods that will nourish the mind and the body and may help keep your immune system thriving, ease stress and is aiding you to become more resilient.

If there was ever a time to know your farmer, today is that day. We are proud to offer the shortest and simplest path from pasture to plate. Thank you for allowing us to serve you during this time.


The Miller’s Family and Staff